Layout Templates

Define Print dimensions and Panel Layouts for both initial Design Proofing and final Print Plate schematics.

PG&I will evaluate the molded shape of your plastic container and or sheeted material and make sure that overall print area limits and dimensions are carefully established. This will help to ensure that the 1st and most basic element of all printed material  – Image Sizeis handled properly at the onset.  There are several factors that need to be considered to accurately determine this most basic print parameter. Custom layout templates can be established to be sure all sizing and panel layout is correct for the new or existing print surface at hand. This layout template can then be used as a visual aid to communicate with the end customer/s. Additionally, Plate layout templates positioning images to the various printing machine manufacturers specifications are understood. If we are not sure how to position and/or register an image for a particular machine, we will incorporate your input and ask the necessary questions, in order to arrive at the desired answers. Getting it right the first time is always the objective.