Digital Art Construction

Digital_PGITypesetting, Logo Reproduction, Custom Illustration and Screen / Photo Specialty Effects

This stage of the process requires skills in several areas of digital imaging. At PG&I, we have qualified specialists and management personnel with decades of experience germane to the specialty print method involved, be it directly on formed plastic or transferred to sheeted paper, flexible plastic or apparel materials. This typesetting and image construction is the 2nd most basic of design and layout requirements, but it is not to be underestimated.

  • Proper selection of type fonts, sizes and weights are absolutely critical to legible and clean printing.
  • Crisp clean logos for new designs allow for maximum impact for the application method. Adherence to corporate reproduction standards are always considered and implemented, as PG&I has personnel accustomed to dealing with clients from the pressroom through management and purchasing agents, on into sales executives and company presidents. Tell us a little bit of what you want and we will help figure out the rest.
  • Gradient screen effects and flat screen shading for illustration and logos can be critical stumbling blocks for quality printing. PG&I will apply the treatments and slight modifications, in order to allow the effect detail to accomplish a clean transfer of ink for the method involved.
  • Photo effects typically need to be highly modified for the Dry Offset Print method and flexo applications. These alterations must be done in order to achieve any semblance of clean and bright printing. If a photo can be used effectively, then PG&I will make the appropriate adjustments to ensure this result. If a photo cannot be used effectively, then PG&I will make sure you understand as well as make suggestions for alternative treatments.

Feel free to ask our opinion about your design – we are glad to offer any suggestions that may help.